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A package of technologies and services that allows you to launch a FinTech project from 30 days! (Payment services for Electronic Money Institution/Currency Brokers and Crypto/ Crypto Exchanges and P2P services)

What is Fintech?

The 21st century can be called the century of innovation. Everyone understands how far technology has come, and most importantly - how fast! The financial sector could not ignore progress, so you can find a huge number of solutions on the market that simplify working with the money supply. It doesn't matter whether it's electronic money, cash or cryptocurrency. Every entrepreneur wants to provide the greatest convenience of calculations in combination with high security indicators.

The set of innovations in the field of financial services is called "fintech" for short. This concept covers everything from developments in the field of artificial intelligence to biometrics. Due to the importance of ensuring the availability of any means of payment, the high risk of fraud and extreme relevance, this sector is rapidly developing and improving, making the life of buyers better.

Development of fintech solutions

The development of fintech solutions is one of the priority areas of development in the policy of successful states. Market competition pushes private companies to develop in this direction better than any external regulator. So, thanks to active research in this sector, as well as the emergence of interesting IT solutions, cash has practically disappeared from use. People just don't need them.

In just a few decades, trade and production have changed beyond recognition. Now we all know how to use Face ID to log into personal wallets, book rooms on the other side of the Earth in a couple of clicks, and some even buy cars for cryptocurrency. Priority segments for further development of fintech are:

  • ensuring security
  • development of neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • working with biometrics
  • cost reduction in finance

Our advantages

We offer the best products in the fintech segment in almost all relevant areas. You can purchase a turnkey crypto exchange or offer users a completely new crypto wallet for storing cryptographic assets. From EMME/PI to a fully developed payment system tailored to your needs.

We offer solutions according to the PCI DSS standard, and also work in the field of P2P cryptocurrency exchange. Extensive experience and the absence of dissatisfied customers makes SimplyLab one of the best partners in the field of financial technologies. By placing an order with us, you provide yourself with the best possible solution when working with finances.

1. Are there free consultations?

If you have not yet decided on the choice of a product in the financial technology industry, our experts will help you make the most optimal decision. We will analyze your business and help you to implement priority development strategies in the digital world wisely. We will also develop an e-commerce product for you that will help increase your profit.

2. Cost and terms of development

We offer ready-made solutions for your business task. This, in turn, helps to reduce time costs. The cost depends on the functionality. Our team is ready to offer the introduction of modern technologies and web developments of the fintech industry into a startup or an existing project on favorable terms for you.

3. What is necessary to get started?

If you have decided on a choice, then for effective work on your project at the initial stage we need:

  • Get a technical assignment from you.
  • To agree on the budget and deadlines for the implementation of this project.
  • To agree on a set of technologies on the basis of which we will develop a website or application.

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Organization of payments for PSP EMI


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Conducting a PCIDSS audit



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