Exchanger Money from Simply Lab

Technological solutions for launching the exchange of virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies

The modern world is gradually switching to non-cash payments, electronic money and cryptocurrency. Naturally, this leads to an increase in demand for reliable and easy-to-use exchangers that allow you to quickly and profitably sell and buy currency, exchange some electronic coins for others, and cash out with cryptocurrency.

Simply Lab's Money Exchanger is a software solution designed to open an automated exchange office on the Internet. Buying a script will allow you to enter the profitable and popular e-commerce market among users in a matter of days.

TOP 7 Advantages of Exchanger Money

  1. Merchant security – a powerful and effective system for accepting funds with protection against illegal actions of intruders has been implemented in Exchanger Money.
  2. Updates and Technical support – we regularly release updates for our products so that your resource meets all current market trends and requirements. If necessary, our technical support specialists will promptly come to your aid.
  3. A variety of exchange directions – ample opportunities for setting up exchange directions and conditions.
  4. Unprecedented performance – the software product has high performance with optimal server loads.
  5. Multi–user interface - the project implements a convenient system of settings for the work and access of various categories of users and user groups.
  6. Multilingualism – by default, the exchanger will support English and Russian languages.
  7. Flexible configuration – if desired, users can optimize the script according to their needs, interests and needs.

Extremely simple installation, no difficulties with setup, intuitive control panel - Simply Lab's Money Exchanger will be the best guarantee of a quick start of your exchange office.

How to create an exchanger

There are at least two options for creating your own exchanger. You can order development from scratch or seek the help of a specialized company. If you have no doubt that in the end, you will get a high–quality and safe result - act. Otherwise, it is better not to take risks, since in the future you risk not only your money, but also the finances of customers and the reputation of your exchange office.

The second option is to buy a ready–made script from a reputable company ready to provide legal guarantees. In this case, you get a high-quality and ready-to-work product at a very affordable cost with the possibility of receiving assistance in installing, configuring and further servicing the exchanger.

Ready-made solutions from Simply Lab

Choosing ready–made solutions from Simply Lab is a simple and affordable way to create a fully automated exchange office with an intuitive, multilingual interface, favorable and attractive exchange conditions that are guaranteed to appeal to users. An impressive variety of basic features of the script will allow buyers of Exchanger Money to stay one step ahead of competitors in terms of quality and speed of exchange.

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