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Technological solutions for launching your payment system

Development of an electronic payment system

Before creating a payment system, you need to provide a lot of things. But the most important thing will be to decide what will come to the fore in your order of calculations. We believe that a good payment system should first of all be a symbiosis of comfort and security. Speaking in more detail, the client should not even think about what problems the seller has on the other side of the monitor. Regardless of what technical problems exist, a person should be able to pay for the goods. Processing should be built in such a way that there are no problems with processing a huge number of simultaneous requests, and it is possible to launch a payment without delay. The interface should be designed so that even a person who pays for something on the Internet for the first time does not get confused.

Stages of creation

If you decide to create your own payment system, then you should start with the correct positioning of your product on the market. Large corporations have been offering good solutions for a long time, but if you can understand the pain of their audience, then the probability of success of such a case will increase many times.

Next, you need to choose the right developer. Those who are somehow connected with electronic money understand how many difficulties there are. From working with banks to the order of account verification, from UI/UX design to ways to combat fraud - there should be experience in all this. Well, or you yourself must have an extensive knowledge base.

When developing such software, integration with financial agents will be the next important component. Either you or your employees should be able to work with such contractors.

Before launching, everything needs to be thoroughly tested, especially with regard to security. It is the cornerstone of any payment system, electronic wallet, etc.

Ready-made solutions from Cryptodomain

As you know, having your own crypto wallet or payment system creates huge opportunities for scaling your business. In addition, it is very convenient to work with software that has been made taking into account your wishes and needs of the workflow. Therefore, Crypto domain offers ready-made solutions for everyone who wants to independently regulate the order of payment for goods by electronic means. Buyers will be guaranteed the proper level of security and ease of use. Also, thanks to our developments, you will be able to save significantly, because writing a payment system from scratch is a long, very complex and expensive process. Our offer is beneficial to both sellers and buyers, because the products have passed numerous tests and have a friendly interface for the user.

The best online payment industry solutions for

  1. Payment institutions
  2. Issuers of electronic money
  3. Banks

Our platform allows you to integrate your functionality by enabling or disabling plugins and their settings. If necessary, you can make changes to the code without stopping the system through the administrator interface. SimplyPay functionality will satisfy most of the requirements of the system owner.

Delivery of "SimplyPay"

  1. Delivery of "SimplyPay SaaS" is a lease of the SimplyPay payment system, a delivery option in which our company will install and configure SimplyPay for you on its equipment, and provide you with access as an administrator, and you will be able to manage SimplyPay yourself.
  2. The "SimplyPay +" package is transmitted to the customer over the Internet. The customer himself ensures the installation of the system according to the instructions provided. In case of difficulties in setting up the SimplyPay system independently, our company's specialists will configure the system remotely.
  3. The SimplyPay Full package is a set of payment system infrastructure systems supplied as virtual machine images for the VMware virtualization system. All infrastructure systems are pre-configured to work together. The SimplyPay payment system is built into this infrastructure, configured according to the selected model and ready to work. It will take only a few days to run the system on the customer's servers.

The form of acquisition of the SimplyPay payment system is purchase.

Our company can remotely configure the system. We will give instructions for preliminary actions on the customer's side to get remote access to the servers. All information system settings prepared by SimplyPay meet the requirements of the card industry security standard – PCI DSS. After configuring the system, it will be scanned for hacking to confirm that it is ready to launch it into operating mode.

Our system includes

Many types of payments
Mobile banking
Cards, POS terminals, Web POS
Access details
Access levels – configurable groups
Message system
Design and convenience

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Technology stack reconciliation

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Testing the work

Getting the result in the form of a finished product


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